• Solve the Parking Spot Crisis in your Neighborhood with ParqEx

    Many individuals have to face parking issues due to the lack of sufficient parking space in the airports of various cities in the United States. Whether it is Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Boston or Chicago Airport parking, individuals and car owners have to face several difficulties in getting an adequate space to park their vehicles. Residents and visitors jostle for space among the traffic of vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

    The demand for on-street parking is elevated and it is a contested option for rapid stops and dinners, but off-street parking has more resources to offer to the drivers. Some street parking in neighborhoods is free or obtainable via permit only for residents, which allows resident drivers to park for the whole day, making it tough for the other vehicles that pass through the main junction.

    It is true that the perception of sharing economy has made a marvelous impact on the contemporary society and individuals have become more vigilant towards sharing their self-owned unused resources with individuals who need them. As the name implies, sharing economy is based on capitalizing on the power of reciprocity through sharing assets to create happier, affluent and more sustainable lifestyles. People are increasingly admiring the sharing economy in terms of car parking across the globe and especially Americans.

    ParqEx is the private parking marketplace that has understood the ethics and principles of ‘sharing economy’ and has created an app to help both parking space owners and renters to come together at one platform and help each other. Vivek Mehra, the founder and CEO of ParqEx, aims to bring simplified parking solutions direct to your Smartphone. The ParqEx smartphone app allows you to find the most preferred parking spot in your neighborhood or the destinations that you often visit. The parking space owners can earn great supplemental income from a renter through the app.

    ParqEx is a peer-to-peer platform. By itself, their technology attaches owners and renters to one another then serves as a secure place for them to complete the transaction and rent a parking space. They cover the backend, logistics, and patron support while the community offers the parking spaces. You just have to enter the address of your spot, any particular access instructions, and add a photo and list the times when your spot is accessible and the price you want to rent and commend requests from renters and get paid. ParqEx makes it simple to find discount parking Chicago or make money on your underutilized parking spot.

    For more information, visit Parqex.com.

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