• Advancement in technology and innovation has made a drastic change in every field whether it is medical, education, agricultural or entertainment. When it comes to fashion industry then you can see major transformations. With some latest techniques like 3D body measurement and virtual fitting it is possible to get fit and suitable cloths in a short period.

    If you also want to get introduced with this advanced techniques and seeking 3D body measurement solutions for different industries then you should undoubtedly approach to [TC]². They are the largest and famous manufacturer of 3D body scanners, and 3D body measurement devices which are very beneficial in fashion retail market. They also offer training, consultancy, maintenance, support and installation services for their clients. Their software enables visualization technologies and help to ease the work of fashion outlets and apparel designers.

    Some of the products and their features available at [TC]² are:

    • TC2-19 3D body scanner: This is the largest and world's first 3D body scanner which has many applications in different fields such as medical, fashion and fitness industries. This is also the most advanced approach to fulfill all body measurement and body scan needs. When it comes to its features then they are available in 4D mode and can scan in 1 second with accuracy.
    • TC2-19R mobile scanner: This is a great mobile scanner which is easy to setup and can scan in 30 seconds.
    • Image Twin: With the help of Image Twin, it is easy to find fit clothes and in a faster way. It is featured with 3D virtual try-on and virtual fitting technique so you can get cloths which can suit your style and body.
    • Image Twin Mirror: This is great electronic equipment featured with touch screen and can show client direct after scan. This can also save labour cost and attract many customers.

    So if you are seeking the best company which offers 3D body scan and measurement then [TC]² is a company you should take into consideration. You can experience the amazing virtual fitting and 3D body measurement technique.

    For more details regarding [TC]², please log on to Tc2.com.

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  • Today, every individual wants his/her clothing to be of perfect fitting. Hence for the common good of exquisite styling for every individual, 3D body measurement technology proved quite resourceful. A few decades back it was a challenge for designers to design skin fit apparels for their clients. But with the evolution of this 3D body scanning technologies, it becomes very easy to design proper fitting apparels.

    There are numerous advantages of using the 3D body measurement technology, and few of them are:

    • For online retailers, it becomes very easy to deliver the apparel to their customer without any flaw with the aid of 3D scanning technology. With this technology, 3D avatars can be formed and with the help of this clients can try various apparels available on the website.

    • With 3D body scanner it is possible to get an accurate measurement of the body virtually without even touching the person.

    • Through pixelization in 3 D scanning system, it becomes quite simple to design graphically in various different patterns virtually before crafting them on your attire.

    • This technology also simplified the job of designers by introducing the pattern software grading. You can simply generate different patterns with aid from this software.

    Additionally, this technology is also being used in the fitness industry and in the medical field as well. Numerous renowned gyms and fitness clubs use this 3D measurement technique so that they can calculate the fat percentage of the client’s body. It also highlights whatever changes are needed to acquire the perfect body shape. There are a few reliable 3D scanning tools innovators and manufacturing giants like [TC]2 that offer amazing 3D body scanners. [TC]2 is the leading supplier of 3D technology systems and software solutions. Their products are used by around 150 apparel brands worldwide and are also used for improvement in fitting by many retailers. Besides this, they also offer styling advice to their clients and consultation services.

    About [TC]2:

    [TC]2 is well known in the fashion industry as they offer the most amazing 3D body measurement and 3D visualization machines. They also provide you the products such as a mobile scanner, pattern software, 3D body scanner, ImageTwin mirror, etc.

    For more information, please visit Tc2.com.

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  • For scanning and measurement of human body, 3D body measurement techniques are widely used and have been proven as the most efficient technique for body measurement in different industries since past years. With combination of computer-aided design tools and software solutions, it has brought many boons for fashion and apparel industry.

    When it comes to virtual shopping then it is easy way for customers to try-on their selected garments in virtual dressing rooms and preview fitting and appearance. This is possible by personalized avatars so that you can get the best virtual shopping experience possible. As most of the people don't identify the right size of their clothing even after trial so this 3D body scanning technologies can be the best option for them.

    The 3D body scanner is the most advanced approach to answer all body measurement and body scan needs. It can scan in only 2 seconds with accuracy so it is easy to get exact sizing information. This is available with many features such as point to point measurement in which you can get unlimited measurement by manually selecting any two pints and get the distance between them. You can get this measured distance in any unit such as inch, mm or cm. These can also save you from the frustration of not getting fitting dresses even after wasting a lot of time in trial rooms.

    For fashion market, it can become a great and revolutionary appearance to enhance online clothing shopping among people. This 3D visualization technology is also in a great demand in medical and weight loss centers for analyzing weight loss progress.

    If you are also looking for this innovative technology then [TC]2 can be the perfect destination for you. This is the largest and world’s first 3D body manufacturer who serves fitness, fashion and medical industry. They offer all the solutions to their customers with the top quality 3D scanners and related devices. They also offer training, maintenance, consultancy, styling advice and installation services to their clients. When it comes to virtual fitting and size matching then these solutions is very beneficial for fashion retail market.

    For more details, please log on to Tc2.com.

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  • When it comes to resume writing, the presentation is everything. You may have nothing noteworthy to say about yourself on the resume, but if it is aesthetically pleasing, then there is a high probability that it will be given a second look. On the other hand, if you have achieved everything including the moon and the stars, but you present it in such a manner that it hurts the eyes of the potential employer, then it will probably find its way to the trash in a matter of seconds. So, how do you ensure that your resume is pleasing enough to warrant some professional scrutiny? Here are some tips on what to do.

    1 Use a clear font and a proper layout

    The font hat you use can make or break your resume. There are some fonts that are pleasing to look at and easy to read, yet on a resume, they would not portray the required level of professionalism. On the other hand, there are some fonts that may seem simple but would make the highest difference on your resume. The layout will determine how easy your work is to read. The proper layout should evenly space the work and make everything legible, without wasting space. Since it is really difficult to find a balance between these two aspects, your best alternative is to go for a functional resume template. It should have all of this properly laid out for you.

    2 Highlight your skills and experience first

    This is the work of the first two pages of your resume. You need to make sure that the job manager going through the resume has a reason to consider you. Some people lead with all the wrong things, presenting how much time they spent in the school system and how many trophies and certificates they collected. If you are using the proper creative resume templates, then you will find that there is some space allocated for listing your skills and experiences at the beginning of the resume. This is the best way to peak interest in whoever is reading it.

    3 Use the appropriate photo

    This is one of the most important personal touches. If a photo is to be included in your resume, then you need to ensure that it is the proper one. It should be a professional passport taken while you are dressed in an appropriate manner and in the right setting. Unless you are applying to be a lifeguard at the beach, then leave those shirtless photographs for the home photo album.

    4 Personal statements

    Another important element is your personal statement. You need the job manager to know who you are and what you stand for early on. Some people make the mistake of putting this somewhere in the middle, by this time, the reader of the resume has already formed a mental picture of who you are. In most cases, this is never a good picture.

    There are a lot of resumes submitted to every job vacancy, yours included. What gives you the edge over the competition is how your resume looks and the format in which what you are trying to say has been laid out in. To be on the safe side, use a modern resume template and let yours shine brightly in the pile of poorly written ones.

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  • The very vital thing for your organization is time. As you know that your time is money, and it is directly proportional to money. So if you spend more time on working, then for your firm you can create more profit. To save your time as well as money your organization requires mobile device management solutions. Such a solution can aid you and your staff with the allocation and replacement of wireless devices like tablets, and mobile phones.

    If you are seeking a solution provider, then Wireless Support is highly recommended to you. Mobile expense management firms like Wireless Support also provide services such as device management. In addition, Wireless Support offers tech support, accessories sales, device sales, replacement support and billing support for devices. This includes tablets, mobile phones, hotspot, and USB modems.

    Wireless Support also provides expense management services to their customers in wireless devices such as mobile phones. These services include calling, the monitoring of usage of data and many other plans which can be changed as per requirement and depends on the usage. This aids your firm to save costs for their customers of under or over usage which provides finest plans for every mobile device from various service providers.

    Wireless Support aids with all your mobile phone requirements, troubleshooting of devices, replacement, and even reporting of any stolen devices. The firm’s website aids you to log into your gadgets distantly and even manage your account in just a few clicks.

    Wireless Support offers quick solutions for all your mobile issues, as their skilled team is fully dedicated towards their customers’ requirements. The wireless expense management solution services offered by Wireless Support aids their customers to save their money that might otherwise be invested hiring a specialist who manages expenses.

    Wireless Support will also try to save more money on the usage variation. Wireless Support helps you by doing monthly auditing and even analyses the plans on the behalf of their customers. They are in this field for many years, and they continuously serve their best efficiency services to their clients. They monitor and manage over 15000 devices every day.

    Apart from the aforementioned services, they also offer you their best cell phone protection plan which makes them highly rated in this industry.

    For more information, please visit Wirelesssupport.com.

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