• market research recruitment agencies couldn’t be carried out without sampling because it isn’t possible to access every current or future customer. Market researchers rely on a variety ofmethods and sampling techniques to capture as wide a range as possible the many types of customers a client hopes to get insight into. Don’t confuse sampling with polling, they are two different things. More often than not, sampling is used for market research studies, not polling.

    Qualitative research consultants work closely with their clients to understand their objectives andwill create sampling groups based on this feedback. The quality of the research is largely driven by the quality of the sampling methodswhich is why it’s best to hire nationwide qualitative research firms, rather than try and do this “in-house”. Knowing which type of sampling technique to use is important so that data aren’t skewed or biased.

    The two main types of sampling methodologies are probability and non-probability.

    Probability, or random, sampling methods include all members of a focus group recruitment agency and isn’t burdened by prior events in the selection process. Looked at another way, selecting individuals for a sample group doesn’t affect the chance of anyone else in the targeted population to be selected. So how do market research recruiting firms select people to be included in a study? Researchers and recruiters rely on four types of commonly used techniques including: Systematic Sampling, Simple Random Sampling, , Stratified Sampling, and Cluster Sampling.

    Systematic Sampling—Rather than randomly select individuals within a population, this method “systematically samples” by selecting participants. An example would be a market researcher selectingevery 15th person from a list of the population. Systematic sampling does allow for a controlled way to select from a target population; however, it may be skewed depending on how the original list is organized or structured.

    Simple Random Sampling—This is the most commonly used sampling technique, and is truly random.This method will randomly select individuals from a list of the population, and every individual has an equal chance of being selected.

    Stratified Sampling—This method is an amalgamation of Systematic Sampling and Simple Random and is most often used when there are a multitude of distinct subgroups that require full and randomized representation across a sampling population.

    Cluster Sampling—Cluster sampling is a variant of Simple Random Sampling and is typically used with larger populations and across broader geographic regions. It’s not uncommon for a population to be segregated into clusters and then randomly selecting participants from these groups.

    Non-probability sampling methods aren’t as commonly used and often contain sampling biases. While they’re not as ideal as probability sampling methods, sometimes it is the only option given budget restraints, or lack of access to a full population list. If a qualitative research consultant has not choice but to go with a non-probability sampling method, s/he must be careful when drawing conclusions because the population is not randomized and biases inherent.

    Most organizations hoping to learn more about their target populations know that hiring nationwide qualitative research firms with experience selecting sampling populations based on the above outlined methodologies is money well spent.

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  • If you were to ask a qualitative research consultant what the most challenging part of her job was, you’d likely get an earful about recruiting. Experienced market researchers can design qualitative market research studies in their sleep, but recruiting for such studies is what keeps them up at night. It’s no wonder then, that many researchers rely on market research recruiting firms to help with this crucial component of market research.

    Industry veterans often outsource recruiting because experience tells them trying to self-manage this component of a qualitative study can drive up costs and divert time and attention away from designing the overall study. By developing relationships with nationwide recruitment agencies, researchers can be assured that they’ll have access to the best qualified participants for a study, and that the recruitment agency will manage the many details of ensuring that participants are screened, prepared, and compensated.

    As more companies realize the value of qualitative research consultant, they are increasingly employing the services of qualitative research consultants and research firms to help them better understand consumers’ behavior and decision-making processes. nationwide qualitative research firms doesn’t just help companies bring products to market, they also help companies with strategic planning, product testing, concept testing, and identifying where institutional gaps may exist within an organization. As qualitative research broadens its scope, so to do the demands of recruitment.

    Establishing a working relationship with nationwide recruitment agencies allows qualitative market research firms to focus on designing better studies to meet the changing demands of clients’ needs. As different industries such as healthcare and cybersecurity want qualitative research market studies done, the types of participants required for such studies becomes more challenging. Finding a recruiting agency that has a track record of successfully populating more niche studies is what allow research firms to confidently work with more specialized clients looking to benefit from qualitative research.

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