• Loren Israel || You can be a Renowned Song-writer with Loren Israel

    Music has always been more of an antidote for many, as well as a beautiful way to escape from the traumatic reality of life. Well, many of us would like to write and sing to our own tunes, but finding difficulty in such is indeed a common experience. To help the music enthusiast to pen down their feelings, Loren Israel is providing the best lessons for the same. With an experience of more than 15 years, he finds and molds the talents of the people, to give their dreams new wings. The biggest accomplishment he has is being the A&R for the Jimmy Eat World’s multi-platinum DreamWorks album, Bleed American.

    With his songwriting program which is for 6 months, provides the trainees with all the information and guidance they need for songwriting. Moreover, he is available to all of his students all the time on email as well as calls. The program has given some impressive results, with earning the trust of more than a hundred musicians worldwide. The Loren Israel grooms everyone and instills the love for the music in a way, that they will be able to express their feelings in a better way, thus hitting the right chords.

    Furthermore, Loren Israel takes a huge pride when it comes to curating beautiful, engaging and soul connecting artwork that not only delivers the results but is widely appreciated. Loren Israel will provide the following top-notch services-

    1. Songwriting 101- Here the musicians will be educated about the basics of writing a hit song.

    2. Songs mistakes- It will be corrected by giving them proper ideas to prevent them in near future.

    3. Code- which will help you writes multiple songs within a click

    4. Live shows- where the people are exposed to the real world challenges, and hence offering them a unique way to polish their skills and build their image.

    5. Recordings- where the right producers will be chosen.

    For the very same purpose, he will provide the musicians with the right instruments and facilities. Artist is not born but made, and Loren Israel boasts about his skills of creating masters when it comes to writing a song that is an instant hit. With following the simple codes and lessons, each musician is able to bring his unique content in a way that not only lures the people but makes them an overnight success.

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