• Get Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer from a Reliable Brand

    Hand sanitizer is basically an antiseptic and fragrant supplement used for proper and deep cleaning of hands as well as germ removal. It comes in the form of a liquid solutions, gel or foams. In order to maintain personal hygiene, hand sanitizers can be carried. People usually don't prefer using soaps available in offices, malls, public toilets and instead like to carry their own. Carrying a handy bottle of sanitizer is a solution to this problem. It is convenient than soaps and paper soaps as there is no need to rinse the sanitizer off with water. Even in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare institutions, sanitizers have a great importance.

    Most of the hand sanitizers have alcohol as an active ingredient in high proportion that is an effective antiseptic. Though alcohol-based sanitizers kill about 99.9% germs, it still has harmful effects on the skin, and they also make hands dry and rough. Understanding this limitation of alcohol based hand sanitizers, several companies started manufacturing alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer that are not only effective in killing germs and bacteria, but are also safe for skin. These alcohol free hand sanitizers comprise of natural ingredients like botanical extracts, vitamins, essential oils, thyme, etc. making it safer to use than alcohol-based products. One such leading brand that manufactures alcohol-free hand sanitizers is GermBloc®.

    GermBloc® is a reputable and reliable brand that offers high-quality alcohol-free hand sanitizer that come in the forms of lotions, spays and foams. Their products are made from 98% natural ingredients which include 6 botanical extracts, 7 skin moisturizers, 2 vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils. Apart from dermatologist-approved alcohol-free hand sanitizers, GermBloc®also provides travel protection products for surfaces and hands, phone and tablet cleaners and effective laundry cleaning agents through its web-based portal. Their products do not cause any sort of skin allergies and should be carried during cold and flu season.

    About GermBloc®:

    GermBloc®is a renowned and trusted brand that manufactures Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer that is both safe and effective. This cost-effective product being alcohol-free, guarantees to kill bacteria and germs.

    For more information, visit their website Germbloc.com.

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