• ESG: Providing Software Solutions to Improve Energy Efficiency

    Year after year, Mankind is witnessing advancements in the field of science and technology. We have modernized vehicles, homes and offices too. But the primary necessity to support all of this is energy. Energy is generated by converting the power of natural resources into electricity. A large portion of our energy use originates from fossil fuels like petroleum and coal that give power and gas to control our developing energy needs. These assets are non-renewable which implies that we will inevitably run out. Saving energy saves assets as well as deciphers into budgetary funds. demand side management software is a solution created to produce a more reliable and economical operation, while maintaining the energy system's structural integrity. Industries consume large volumes of energy. Right monitoring and automating the systems is an efficient way to save energy and cut costs.

    ESG, a leading software development company provides advanced demand side management software called the Energy Efficiency Collaboration Platform (EECP). The software runs and operates on organizational level, making it perfect for industries who want to shorten their electricity bills and simultaneously contribute in helping the environment to retain its natural resources. What EECP does, is it brings together various energy efficiency programs compiled into a unified tracking system. This ensures standardization of internal processes and program quality. The major advantages of EECP are enhancement workflow automation, reporting, business rule enforcement, security, data integrity and validity.

    The company was found as a subsidiary of direct technology way back in 2001. After creating the industry-leading software, Energy Efficiency Collaboration Platform (EECP), the company has been working hard to simplify the lives of industrialists. They believe in treating energy like a fine wine by refining, analyzing, comparing and sharing it by providing the best demand side management software money can buy. The software is field tested and highly configurable according to the user. The main focus of the company is to improve how energy efficiency and demand side management is taken care of. ECG promises to provide the highest level of service throughout the process design, implementation and training. With their services, comes over 10 years of experience and expertise in the specific field.

    For more information visit them on their website, esgsimplicity.com

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