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    Have you seen or heard about the walls of the famous Ajanta Caves? If yes, then it evinces the basic fact that art was present in our cultural since pre-medieval times. Not only this, if you read your history chapters well, then you must have learnt that these art forms indicated the lives in those ancient times. But have you even noticed the basic fact? People of that era painted the walls for their entertainment or to express their view points, and not for communicating a message to the future generations?

    Well, yes this is the main point that is discussed in this blog in brief. As we have discussed already, that the art is present in our cultures since time immemorial. And so it is adopted in our basic curriculum as well. The art provides a chance to express themselves or to communicate a particular message. And due to this fact, there are a plethora of names that are renowned for offering classic paintings (klassieke schilderijen) to their disciplines. Well, another study that supports the learning of art by the students is that it increases your imagination power thus, adding wings to your creativity as well.

    Moreover, do you know that the art is known to enhance the motor skills or the hand and the eye co-ordination? Yes, you read that right. When you are learning art, the need to draw or add color even in the minute corners, increases your overall motor skills. When you draw the world with your own pen, you get a view point where you can see the entire world through your own eyes. And in such a process, you can also increase your communication, imagination as well as problem solving skills. If you are an ardent painter and want to rekindle your passion to learn art, then you can contact Inksane Art Academy. It is a renowned name where you can learn to draw Portrait of Yourself (portret van jezelf) through the masters of this realm. Not only this, it has a team of European artists who can even paint a portrait of you on a nominal commission. Moreover, it is a reputed art academy (kunstacademie) that helps their students to learn art by providing finest painting classes that are further conducted at the best possible prices.

    For more information, please visit Inksaneartacademy.be

    Original Reference : https://goo.gl/HyVjnx

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