• Empowering new lifestyle brand for women

    Women are now establishing themselves as strong leaders, and are becoming more fearless when pursing their passions and chosen careers. These days, there are more and more women working with men shoulder to shoulder, in traditionally masculine jobs. One woman who found herself trapped in a man’s world of construction decided to document her journey and help inspire other women to follow in her footsteps, into other STEM or trade jobs traditionally undertaken my men. She has created a brand with products to help inspire women led by the motto “She who dares, Wins”.

    The products are designed to help women feel inspired, empowered and connected to a like-minded community. The “This Is A Man’s World” brand has an extensive range of women empowerment t shirts which are fashionable and super soft to wear. Each product features a unique design, some of which are inspirational motto’s aligning with a general theme to remind the wearers to live life to the fullest, whilst fighting for equality. Besides the core t-shirt range, “This Is A Man’s World” also has the following for sale:

    • Feminist Art Prints
    • Coffee Cups
    • Tote Bags
    • Hoodies
    • Feminist Sticker packs

    Through the sales of accessories and clothing, Michelle’s aim is to connect with aspiring women who want to live their life their own way, without boundaries. In this way, she is building a strong community of women who share the same passion for life and work. If you are an ambitious woman who lives life to the fullest, then “This is a Man’s World” is a perfect place for you to connect. You can even bag yourself a great collection of, feminist stickers in honor of all those women out there who dare to win.

    The owner of “This is a Man’s World”, Michelle is a YouTuber and blogger who has shared her journey of being a female trapped in the male world of construction. She posts inspirational and motivated stories of other women who are also trapped in a man’s world.

    For more details, visit Thisisamansworld.co.uk

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