• Technology has improved a lot in recent times. Things have become a lot easier with the help of state-of-the-art machines and tools, especially in the thermal analysis and engineering sector. Tools such as Ansys Thermal Analysis have become very advanced, easy-to-use and very accurate. While you don’t need to be an expert in numerical analysis to understand and use these tools, you cannot just do everything by yourself. Often times, you will need to find an experienced thermal analysis expert to get the proper thermal analysis done properly and quickly. The question is, how can you find the right thermal analysis expert? Well, here are a few things you may do to find the right thermal analysis and design expert:

    1. Research: You cannot just select anyone who claims to be an expert. Doing your own research about the analyst or the company that you are going to trust is important. This will include going over details given on their website as well as email or phone discussions with the consultants and asking a number of questions. It may also be wise to read any articles or data that the consultant has written to see the depth and breadth in their expertise. This will help you determine if any one thermal consultant is the right one for you.

    2. Type of previous projects: If the analyst that you are contacting for your work says he/she has years of experience, it is always wise to look at the list of previous projects. You need to make sure that the experience that they have is relevant to your needs and whether or not the expert can help you with the project at hand.

    Once you have selected a thermal design consultant, the first thing you must do is brief the consultant on your project, including making clear all the constraints and design objectives. At times, a crucial time can be wasted because of some gaps in that communication. After all the design data is collected, work usually starts with thermal analysis engineer doing some modeling to get some insight into the system quickly. This may lead into more focused or detailed thermal analysis and modeling or testing and/or prototyping.

    Thermal Design Solutions is a thermal management consulting firm that specializes in everything thermal. The company helps clients from across the world in thermal design of electronics. Their experts can help you in all aspects of thermal design, including building thermal model, conducting analysis, material selection, testing and product development.

    About Thermal Design Solutions:

    Thermal Design Solutions is one of trusted thermal management consulting firms, which can help you in everything thermal, including thermal analysis, testing, material selection, product development and post launch support. For consulting needs or for more information, please visit us at ThermalDS.com.

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  • When you are designing an electronic system, which could be a smartphone, outdoor equipment or sever rack, you will need to manage a lot of things. From designing to production to manufacturing, there are a lot of things that will need your attention. One of the niche issues you will have to consider is thermal design. This is to make sure that there is no problem caused in your system because of heating issues. Today’s electronics consume a lot of power. That power becomes heat and must be expelled from the system. Thermal design is all about heat management in systems. If you don’t have the necessary resources inhouse, the best and cost-effective way to address this issue is by hiring an experienced thermal management consultant. Why? Here are the top three reasons:

    1. Expert advice: When you hire an experienced thermal consultant, you get apt and expert advice, because such a consultant is likely be an expert in the field who does one thing really well – thermal management. The thermal consultant should be abreast of all the latest technologies. This means you will likely reach at optimal solutions for your system quickly.

    2. Cost-Effective: With a consultant, you have limited overhead. No need to train or explore all kinds of options. In many cases, you don’t need to deploy any resources, which can make inhouse design expensive. With a consultant, you pay a fixed amount for a complete design.

    3. Time: Inhouse development is usually slow. The design engineer has to juggle between different responsibilities, which means any particular task will have to done in between. This takes away time and focus. With a thermal consultant, you will get your design on a set schedule, usually much faster.

    Your task is then to find the right thermal consultant for your system. There are several thermal management consultants and firms who can help you with your designs. Thermal Design Solutions is one of them. Bases in San Francisco Bay Area, Thermal Design Solutions can help you with your thermal design, from analysis and simulation to testing, development and post launch support. With decades of expertise in the field, their engineers can help you with a wide range of services for your projects.

    For more information about their services, please check out their website: ThermalDS.com. If there is something that you would like to ask or clarify, you can get in touch with them via phone, email or the form available on their website and one of their consultants will get back to you.

    About Thermal Design Solutions:

    Thermal Design Solutions is a San Francisco Bay Area based consulting firm specializing in thermal management of electronics. For consulting needs or for more information, please contact Thermal DS by email at info@thermalds.com.

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  • If there is one thing that plays a crucial role in today’s thermal engineering perhaps it is Thermal Analysis. In any thermal engineering design project, thermal analysis plays a key role in which the properties of materials are carefully studied as well as their effect on temperature. Thermal analysis, when carefully conducted, will tell the thermal behavior of any system, showing the temperature at various points and the temperature gradients. And it will also show how heat is exchanged between components inside the system and between the system and the environment. By providing such information, thermal analysis can guide you to the right layout for your system. Just a couple of decades ago, engineers used to work day and night to get limited information by conducting time-consuming experiments. The introduction of thermal analysis software, such as Icepak and FloTHERM, has changed all of that. Now, engineers can get accurate results in much less time.

    While conducting thermal analysis, we solve conduction, convection and radiation equations inside a domain. The domain includes the system we are analyzing (such as computer or equipment), but also a portion of the space surrounding the system. Many times, the full heat transfer equations are solved in the analysis. At other times, one may concentrate on just conduction and radiation or just convection only.

    In any model, there are two crucial elements of thermal analysis:

    • The accuracy of the physical model – The accuracy of any thermal model depends on the accuracy of the main aspects of the model, including shape and size of critical components, interfaces between components, etc.

    • The properties and inputs of components – By properties and inputs, we mean things like thermal conductivity, density, radiation factors, power distributions, etc. The accuracy of the model also depends on the accuracy of these inputs.

    When there is no inhouse thermal expertise, thermal analysis and modeling can best be done by thermal management consulting firms quickly and cost-effectively. One such company providing consulting in thermal modeling and analysis services is Thermal Design Solutions.

    Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Thermal Design Solutions provides reliable, optimal and cost-effective thermal solutions to various companies worldwide. The consultants here have got years of experience in a wide range of fields, including in active and passive cooling solutions, outdoor equipment,thermal insulation solutions, thermal ergonomics, steady-state and transient thermal simulation, and many more.

    If you are looking for a thermal consultant or if you have any questions in thermals, please contact Thermal Design Solutions at info@thermalDS.com. You can also visit our website and request for more information at Thermalds.com.

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  • Significance of Refrigerator Water Filters

    We all want to drink clean and disinfected water, right? However, getting clean drinking water isn’t as easy as it seems to be. The water that is supplied to our homes is full of impurities that make it highly unsuitable for drinking. So, what needs to be done to have clean and disinfected drinking water at home? The answer is - refrigerator water filter! Yes, you read it right. Installing a refrigerator water filter not only cleans but also cools the drinking water. Installing a water filter in the fridge makes the water pass through a series of water filtration processes for removing excess chlorine and other microscopic contaminants. Hence, placing a refrigerator water filter is the perfect way to set yourself free from harmful pathogens and bacteria present in the water.

    There are several benefits that determine why installing a refrigerator water filter is important for your health and wellness:

    Helps in Detoxifying Your Body

    A good refrigerator water filter helps in body detoxification as it wipes out all the harmful toxins from your body. Apart from detoxification, it also helps to improve blood circulation.

    Encourages You to Drink More Water

    According to a study conducted, it has been found that filtered water tastes better as compared to untreated water. As a result, it elevates your habit of drinking more water.

    Helps to Improve Digestion

    Digestion problem mainly happens due to harmful parasites present in the water. In order to get rid of the digestion problems, drinking filtered water is a must. The alkaline present in the filtered water balances the pH level and thus, eliminates the acidic problem in the stomach.

    Swift Green Filters is one of the acclaimed and well-known companies in the USA that provides eco-friendly fridge water filter products. It was founded in the year 2009 and since then, it has earned huge accolades and appreciation for manufacturing an innovative green filtration product line. It has made a base of more than 1 million consumers 18,000 dealers across different countries. All the refrigerator and commercial filters are carefully designed to the highest standards and later, they are tested before delivering it to its customers. So, if you are looking forward to having a cost-effective, healthy and eco-friendly alternative, visit none other than Swift Green Filters.

    About Swift Green Filters:

    Swift Green Filters is a credible name from where you can get water filter replacement solutions at cost-effective rates.

    For more details, visit http://www.swiftgreenfilters.com/

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  • Amazing Tips to Buy the Best Water Filters


    How often do you renovate your house? Maybe it’s the first time you are renovating your house since the time it was built, right? If it is so, you should do more than just painting and repairing the cracked walls. As we don’t renovate our houses frequently, we do not change the home appliances either. But, once in a while, everything needs to get changed whether it’s the colors of the wall or the water filter in your kitchen. Renovation is not just about making a place more beautiful, but it is also about adding extra things to make it more comfortable. And Brita filter is one thing that you should not ignore if you want your family to get clean and healthy drinking water.

    If the water filter that you have in your home is over six years old, we advise you to consider the following steps and buy a new water filter today. Buying the best water filter is not as easy as you think it is. If you want a filter that is worth your time and money, you should never go directly to the shop and buy the first water filter that the seller shows you. Read these steps make sure that you aren’t making a mistake.

    Go big or go small: The first thing that you should decide is whether you need a big water filter or a smaller one. Analyze the size of your house and your water requirements and then decide the size of the filter you need.

    Type of filter: Make up your mind whether you want a carbon filter, reverse osmosis filter, UV water filter or water distiller. Each of these filters has its pros and cons so choose wisely.

    Not just the tips, but it is also important to buy a good water filter from a trusted store. If you do not want the sellers to fleece you, you can buy PUR filters from Swift Green Filters. It is a trusted online store that is known for the variety of water filters that they offer. This company works with certified professionals who have more than 25 years of experience and they always work on innovative technology to bring something new for their customers. All the water filters offered by Swift Green Filters are made in the USA and this company offers free shipping to make things simpler for its customers.

    About Swift Green Filters:

    Swift Green Filters is a trusted store from where you can buy commercial water filters at the best prices.

    For more details, visit http://www.swiftgreenfilters.com/

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